Lord of the rings

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Lord of the rings

Me: Frodo gets the magical ring and old wizard, Gandalf, tells him, that the ring must be taken to Rivendell. Because the ring was too powerful and bound to dark lord Sauron. Destroying ring will probably destroy Sauron too.

AI: So Frodo and Sam set off on journey through mountains with help from Gollum. Gollum is greedy creature who lives in the mountain caves, stealing food and eating shiny things, like rings.

Me: Yes, but this happened later. At this moment, Frodo and his friends, Sam, Merry and Pippin when to Bree, to meet Gandalf.

AI: „Rivendell is a beautiful place, but dangerous too... The elves are good fighters, you know..."
Gandalf told them about their mission: they had to take the Ring to Rivendell.

Me: Yes... Gandalf would tell them maybe something like this. But he was not there. Hobbits started to drink and realized that weird stranger is watching them.

AI: "I hope your guards don't see me," said he. "You have no idea what trouble I'm in."
The hobbits were very surprised, because he spoke just as if they knew each other for long time.

Me: The weird stranger was in fact Aragorn, friend of Gandalf. He knew that nazguls may be looking for hobbits, so he proposed to leave Bree and go to Rivendell. They needed advice from Elrond.

AI: Lord of the Rings? Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin and Aragorn went to Rivendell where Elrond would give them some advice and help.

Me: So they travelled. They should hide a bit, because the land is dangerous. Frodo got injured by one of Nazguls and Aragorn was worried that he will die.

AI: "Why should he?" asked Merry. "He's an elf! They heal all wounds!"

Me: "No Merry, Aragorn is human. Or... looks like human. If he could heal all wounds, he already would have done it. Think a bit." Sam replied.

AI: They continued their travel. Finally they arrived at Rivendell. Frodo and company rested in the house of Elrond, where he gave them some advice. Then they left for Mount Doom to destroy the ring.

Me: Exactly! Elrond adviced them to go to destroy ring and they should form fellowship. So there were now nine of them. Including Gandalf, the wizard. They headed to mountains to cross them.

AI: Ring was almost destroyed, but then Gollum betrayed them. They ran away from him. He was really mad, because he had lost his precious ring.

Me: Nope. Ring was not destroyed. They reached the mountains and tried to cross them. 

AI: In the mountains they found a cave. There was only one way out, a narrow path leading upwards. There was no other way.

Me: Yes, after they did not manage to get over mountains, they decided to go through Moria.

AI: On the way they met orcs and were attacked. But there was only one orc, so they managed to defeat it.

Me: Ok, yes, defeating one orc was easy. But there were more orcs in the Moria. And something really terrible.

AI: Frodo and his companions found a huge spider on the road. It was a great terror for them. But Gandalf told them that there was no point to fear it. They could defeat it easily.

Me: Yes, the companions were quite silly. Fortunatelly Gandalf was there.  But then they met Balrog, which was a demon. "Fly you fools!" said Gandalf and fought Balrog alone.

AI: After several hours of fight, he defeated it. The others were amazed. Gandalf explained that he had learned a trick from fighting trolls.

Me: Well, almost. The Balrog fell in a pit and took Gandalf with him. So Gandalf was not able to explain anything. The rest of fellowship left the Moria.

AI: Then they came to a forest. Just before they entered the forest, they met a strange man. He was tall with white hair. His beard was bushy and black.

Me: But this man was not important. Important was, that they reached Lorien, the forest city of elves.

AI: They also found a village. There were many houses. Many people lived there, but they were afraid of strangers.

Me: But lets stay in Lorien for a while. They met Galadriel, elven lady. She was very beautiful and seemed wise.

AI: Galadriel invited them to her house. There they were served a wonderful meal.

Me:  She also gave them gifts. Frodo got a light and other hobbits some cheap stuff from aliexpress. Then they left and continued their way to Mount Doom.

AI: They reached a barren land. They saw a black mountain far away.

Me: That was Mordor. But then something happened. Orcs attacked them. Boromir died and fellowship has split. Frodo and Sam were only two continuing to Mount Doom.

AI: They got to Mount Doom and got rid of ring. Their work was done. They were safe now.

Me: Well, generally... yes. Then the eagles took them back and all of them were celebrating.

AI: But Gandalf was sad. He knew that evil was still there and that he would never see Merry and Pippin again. He left them.

Me: Gandalf left the middle earth with elves and Frodo.

AI: After this final part of story I think we can say: Game over.

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